species: Coloured Animal

genus: A Rock Music Collective

phylum: Hard Rock / Alternative


The Coloured Animal was first spotted in the wild in 2008 in its juvenile form, when it appeared to be a Tragically Hip tribute band. Further observation has shown it to have evolved into an exciting and captivating original rock band. In its current adult state, it is most closely related to seminal hard rock and alternative acts such as Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd and early Rush.


The Coloured Animal consists of a sturdy rhythm section (drummer Fred Donaldson and bassist/vocalist Greg Reimer) supporting a powerful, muscular guitar duo (Matt Perkins on lead, Todd Stanton on rhythm and vocals). Its most prominent and recognizable feature is an energetic and engaging lead vocalist (Kevin Gregoire). When observed in the wild, Coloured Animal appears confident, professional and musically talented.


The natural habitat of the Coloured Animal is the stage, where it can be found performing its catchy and evocative music to appreciative audiences. During mating season, it descends into the studio where it records, mixes and nurtures its offspring into well-crafted songs.


In spite of its fearsome appearance, the Coloured Animal is friendly and approachable, and responds well to human contact. Zoologists wishing to discover more about Coloured Animal are encouraged to try its Contact Form.  It can also be followed on Facebook or Twitter.